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How to choose a good outdoor Bluetooth speaker?

09times   2023-01-13

We all know that Bluetooth speakers are small in size, full of functions, easy to carry and convenient to order songs. Bluetooth speakers have become a consideration for many people. Today we mainly introduce to you the things worth noting in the purchase of outdoor Bluetooth speakers:

1. Battery life is the key. You won’t only have three or five hours for an outdoor trip, so don’t just walk a few steps and run out of battery, then listen to the shit! In the future, when I go out, I still want to save some electricity because I am afraid of running out of electricity. Without music, there will be no power outdoors, so this is the key. The bigger the battery capacity, the better.

2. It is very important to be waterproof. It is very important to be anti-fall. It is inevitable that it will rain when playing outdoors. The waterproof level depends on their standard IPX level 1-10.

3. Volume level, here everyone should pay attention to the skills of purchasing, here I will share some experience with you, don’t choose which kind of speaker is small for outdoor, everyone thinks that it is small and convenient to carry, but they don’t know that it is a speaker. It's tasteless, what kind of small speaker is useless when there is a lot of noise in the outdoor space? Therefore, when purchasing, try to choose a speaker with two speakers and a bass vibration disc if the volume is acceptable. The sound is loud and the sound quality is good.

4. Let me talk about a problem that people don't pay much attention to, that is, the Bluetooth chip. This is also very important, but most people don't understand it and don't pay attention to it. The chip is related to the performance stability of the product and the quality of the sound.

5. It is portability and versatility. It is perfect if a speaker can satisfy portability and can be used in different environments, such as mountain climbing, beach camping, bicycle riding, walking, and home use.