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How to solve the noise of the speaker?

09times   2023-01-11

Bluetooth home speakers have noise, the most important reason is caused by stray electromagnetic wave interference, speaker wires, frequency dividers, wireless devices or computer hosts will all become sources of interference.

If you encounter this situation, you can keep the host as far away from the host computer as possible and reduce the number of peripheral wireless devices. Moreover, if the potentiometer is used for a long time, there will be poor contact between the diamond brush and the diaphragm due to problems such as dust accumulation and wear, and noise will also be generated when rotating.

The solution to the noise of the bluetooth stereo speakers

1. Check whether the mixing effect of the microphone is pulled to the maximum

Solution: turn on the microphone and adjust the mixing volume to 80% to 90%.

2. Whether the microphone is in the enhanced state

Solution: Strengthen the microphone and remove it, because some sound cards do not support it.

3. Is there any problem with the connection between the microphone and the host computer?

Solution: disconnect the microphone from the host computer, reconnect it correctly, and check for poor contact.

4. Whether to use speakers

Solution: If there is noise from the speaker, you can use a headset. If you must use a speaker, be careful not to point the speaker toward the microphone.

5. Look around for objects with magnetic fields and sound waves

Solution: Take away electrical appliances with magnetic fields (such as mobile phones, fans).

6. Check if there is a problem with the sound card or microphone

Solution: Record a piece of audio in the state of internal playback to see if there is any problem. If there is a problem, it means that there is a problem with the sound card or microphone.

7. Check the computer motherboard for leakage

Solution: Use a wire to expose the metal strips at both ends of the wire, and connect one end to the outside of the computer host, an uncritical metal part. Connected to the ground. (Special attention: do not select the wiring outside the host computer in key parts, pay attention to safety.)