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You can’t help but know the 5 key performance indicators of tws wireless earbuds

11times   2021-07-15

Based on consumers and the market's obsession with tws wireless earbuds, tws wireless earbuds is more than just a mobile phone accessory! The future will be an independent smart terminal. TA is more imaginative and has more room for development than mobile phones. On the one hand, because of its wireless, compared with ordinary Bluetooth headsets, the volume is smaller and the sound quality is better. With the continuous update and iteration of Bluetooth technology, its connectivity and stability have been greatly improved. On the other hand, it has caught up with the Dongfeng in the first year of 5G, and its self-provided intelligence makes it possible to connect everything. In the future, with the structural changes of mobile phones brought by 5G and the maturity of system support, AI and sensor technology, the tws wireless earbuds industry will be further promoted. And the five key performance indicators of TA, you can't help but know! Let the editor take you to analyze it!

The key performance indicators of TWS headsets mainly include 5 aspects, namely Bluetooth connection, sound quality, noise reduction, battery life and intelligence.

1. Bluetooth connection
Bluetooth standard and binaural synchronous transmission technology solutions. Compared with the 4.2 standard, Bluetooth 5.0 has greatly improved transmission speed, range, data throughput and multi-device support. The new Bluetooth audio technology standard-low power audio LE Audio, uses the new codec LC3, Multi-Stream Audio, Hearing Aids and Broadcast technology. Among them, multi-stream audio can synchronize independent audio stream transmission between a single audio source device such as a smart phone and a single or multiple audio receiving devices, making the TWS headset have a binaural transmission experience. In this way, the smart phone can transmit the same audio signal to the two ears at the same time without forwarding, thereby improving the connection stability of the Bluetooth headset and reducing the delay.

2. Sound quality
In addition to physical hardware factors such as speaker material, the sound quality of TWS headsets is mainly related to factors such as Bluetooth codec technology, main control chip performance, and audio signal transmission mode. HD audio decoding technology effectively improves the sound quality of tws wireless earbuds.

tws wireless earphones

3. Noise reduction
The active noise reduction (ANC) function is to generate a reverse sound wave equal to the external noise through the hardware noise reduction system, neutralize the noise, and achieve the effect of noise reduction. The working principle of ANC noise reduction is that the microphone collects external environmental noise, and then the system transforms it into an inverted sound wave and adds it to the speaker end. The sound heard by the human ear is environmental noise + inverted environmental noise. The two noises are superimposed. Realize sensory noise reduction. ANC active noise reduction can be divided into feedforward active noise reduction, feedback active noise reduction, and hybrid active noise reduction.

4. Battery life
Rechargeable button lithium batteries. Compared with cylindrical batteries, button batteries have the following advantages: high energy density, small size and light weight, long cycle life, convenient positive and negative electrode welding, and good dimensional consistency. In addition, the fast charge function is fully charged in 30 minutes, 5 hours of talk and 16 hours of binaural battery life, etc.

5. Intelligent
Smart electro-acoustic products like tws wireless earbuds, in addition to the functions of playing and collecting sound information, will also have functions such as voice control, semantic recognition, active noise reduction, sports health monitoring, virtual reality acoustics, and interconnection with other smart devices. , To meet the needs of a variety of complex applications in consumers' work and life. The intelligent functions of tws wireless earbuds are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
* Software and hardware integration with intelligent voice assistant,
* Equipped with biometric sensors, supporting biometric motion tracking.
* Real-time translation in multiple languages.

I believe that in the future, as the brands of tws wireless earbuds continue to extend in AI, life, health and other aspects, and diversified applications are added, tws wireless earbuds will become an indispensable part of life and lead the trend of intelligent life.
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