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Some experience provided by a senior enthusiast for beginners

11times   2021-07-15

Many friends who want to buy a portable bluetooth speaker think it is a very complicated thing to buy a portable bluetooth speaker, because there are too many lessons in this area, so many friends who want to buy a portable bluetooth speaker are holding a wait-and-see attitude, and some even know it is difficult. However, this manuscript is a senior player who summed up some of his experiences and lessons from playing portable bluetooth speakers for many years, and gives some friends who are beginners some reference opinions. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.
1. Avoid haste and rash.
It's a cliche, but I still want to remind newbies to pay special attention to this before buying equipment. In modern society, information is developed, and we should use it as much as possible. For example, when you decide to buy a full set of equipment, first consider looking for a local audiophile to listen to the main parts of it. If this is not possible, you must get a dedicated forum to patiently find relevant posts and accurately judge them. I'm sure that if you can spend 3 months doing these research work, it will reward you with more than 3 years of music enjoyment.
2. Establish a correct listening concept as soon as possible.
In fact, not only novices, but many veterans who have burned for many years dare not say what kind of sound they want. The consequence of this is that they are tossed by equipment and abandoned by music. There are three good ways to establish a correct listening concept as soon as possible: First, consult with senior audiophiles with good reputations everywhere, even casual chatting may give you a lot of inspiration; second, There is more time to visit the fever equipment market in various places, especially the famous device; third, to establish contacts with local senior enthusiasts. The prerequisite is to have a good reputation, good morals, and a mature audience.
3. Cultivate a calm and generous mind.
Many of the big enthusiasts I know have the temperament of immortality, are generous, trust and support fellow fellows. Why is this so important? Fever is a pleasure, but you must know that you can share happiness. Think about it, you are constantly being disturbed by your mouth and tongue during the fever, and you are miserable. Can you be happy? Therefore, novices should cultivate their calm and peaceful attitude and be able to trust and encourage their friends. Fever is like being a human being, this is a sentence I often say.

4. Never expect too much.
Whether you are buying a complete set of equipment or a component, or even a piece of software, do not have too high expectations. This is actually a question of mentality. A person who is never satisfied will never be happy.

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5. To purchase software, the starting point must be high.
Starting from classic discs with a good reputation, do not buy pirated discs from the beginning. Otherwise, after a year or more, if you look back, the loss will definitely be greater.
6. More patience can sometimes make you invest less money.
The equipment needs to be patiently cooked, and the environment needs to be adjusted slowly. The portable bluetooth speaker needs to be placed gradually. In the HIFI world, there are too many times when patience is needed, and it is not easy to form an accurate judgment. As a novice, when facing a full set of new equipment, you must give yourself more time, and don't go to the doctor impetuously. The consequence of this is to spend money to toss.
7. Appropriate mastering of some basic principles and skills will help you avoid detours.
I often see many novices on some BBS asking questions that are actually extremely simple. It seems that many players are very lacking in the basic principles and skills of portable bluetooth speakers. Rather than invest heavily in equipment and then devote yourself to research, it is better to properly master some basic principles and knowledge before buying, and stand on the high level of theory to treat the performance of the equipment rationally, rather than being confused by some beautiful words.
8. For all kinds of portable bluetooth speaker magazines, be aware of it, and listen to it.
It is recommended that you read more about the theory and basic knowledge, understand the sound styles of some equipment brands, understand some taboos in matching, understand the relationship between the environment and the equipment, etc., for those articles that render a certain equipment too much, be aware of the articles. , Hearing is believing.
9. The cable is not as expensive as the right one.
A certain grade of equipment with the same proportion of wires will have a better effect than the improper collocation of expensive lines. The wire is only part of the sound adjustment. There are many ways to adjust the sound. In many cases, the effect is more obvious than simply changing the wire. Let's not talk about the motor machine first, even if it is a simple use of mat materials, improving the environment, positioning, etc., if it is appropriate, it will be more economical and effective than changing the line.
10. Pay attention to current and vibration.
When a designer is designing any portable bluetooth speaker equipment, these are two aspects he must focus on. Similarly, when you organize a set of HIFI equipment at home, you also need to pay attention to current and vibration. To be more precise, provide pure, high-power current to your system, while reducing vibration or changing resonance as much as possible for sensitive equipment. This is the basic work, especially the power supply. It is recommended that qualified novices try to deal with it in one step before launching the HIFI system. This will make you a lot easier in the future and will also reduce a lot of repeated investment.

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