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Working principle of portable massager

11times   2021-12-21

The massager is a health-care appliance that uses electricity to vibrate the massage head and massage the human body. Massage is good for relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation, eliminating fatigue and preventing diseases. Electric massagers are divided into electromagnetic and electric motor types according to the vibration mode; according to their purpose, they are divided into three types: bodybuilding, sports and medical.
   massager principle
   Electromagnetic massager is mainly composed of iron core (including fixed iron core and movable iron core), coil, vibration spring sheet and massage head (Figure 1). When the coil on the fixed iron core is connected with alternating current, an alternating magnetic field is generated. Under the action of the magnetic field force and the vibrating spring sheet, the massage head vibrates repeatedly. The vibration frequency is generally 100Hz, and the input power is 10-15W. The method to change the vibration intensity is to change the core gap or current intensity, and the other is to change the vibration frequency.
  The main components of massager
   Motor massager is mainly composed of motor, spring shaft, spring, eccentric wheel and massage head (Figure 2). The motor drives the eccentric wheel to rotate at a high speed through the spring shaft, and the eccentric wheel makes the massage head vibrate. The motor is generally a permanent magnet DC type with a power of 5 to 8W and a speed of 6000r/min; AC and DC series motors can also be used, and the speed is usually 5000 to 10000r/min. Because the vibration of the massage head is directly affected by the eccentric wheel, the vibration frequency value of the massage head is the rotation speed value of the motor, and the strength of the massage power can be adjusted by changing the rotation speed of the motor. The structure of the electric motor massager has a great influence on the massage effect. In order to ensure good action and reduce noise, the flexible connection between the massage head and the motor shaft should be accurate and reliable, the spring shaft should have proper elasticity, and the shaft and bearing should be properly matched and lubricated. Common sense of buying massager
   1. Generally speaking, you should choose and buy according to the purpose. For example, for general beauty and health care, you can choose a portable soft tap massager, but for special medical or sports use, you should choose a massager with variable strength.
  2. It is also reasonable to choose a massager according to the site of action. Because people are uncomfortable in certain parts, they can often get obvious effects through massage. Therefore, you can choose different types of massagers or general massagers for back, hands, feet, and faces according to your own special needs.
  3. If you often carry a massager when you go out, you should choose a lightweight portable massager.