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TWS bluetooth headset introduction

11times   2021-12-20

TWS (True Wireless Stereo, True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth headset is an extremely popular audio product in recent years. It uses the Bluetooth chip to first establish a wireless connection between the mobile phone and the main earphone, and then establish the wireless communication between the main earphone and the auxiliary earphone, thus completely abandoning the wire connection between the traditional earphones, which greatly facilitates the user's use. In addition, the main earphone can be used alone, which is fully capable of meeting the application requirements of a single Bluetooth earphone in the existing market, and the use function is very powerful. Therefore, since Apple released the first TWS headset-Airpods in September 2016, the market response has been very enthusiastic. Follow-up audio manufacturers have quickly followed up and deployed TWS Bluetooth headsets, making the TWS headset market colorful. Next, Bluetooth 5 will bring a more exciting user experience, and the new charging box design will make it more convenient for consumers.


Lightweight and easy to carry is the most important design goal of TWS headsets. Limited by the small space of the charging box and earphones, the battery capacity used in these two parts cannot be increased. The capacity of the charging box is generally within 1000mAh (in which 200- The most common in the 700mAh range), and the capacity of the earphone is smaller, most of which are less than 100mAh. Therefore, whether it is a charging box or a headset, attention should be paid to the low-power design of the system to ensure that the product has a longer use time