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The origin of gifts and the origin of gifts

10times   2021-12-22

Gifts originally came from the tribute generated by tribal mergers in ancient wars, that is, the conquered regularly sent food, slaves, etc. to the conquerors to express their obedience to the conquerors and the asylum of the begging for the conquerors. There have been records in history books that caused wars due to untimely or incomplete gifts. For example, during the Spring and Autumn Period, because the State of Chu did not send a cart of thatch to Emperor Zhou on time, it triggered a massive war against Chu by the Central Plains Alliance.
Clothing, jewellery, food, and farms are even more ordinary gifts. In ancient times, people were also given as special gifts. The ancient beauty Xi Shi was presented by Fan Li as a gift to Wu Wang Fucha, and Wang Yun used a series of timing to give Diao Chan as a gift to Dong Zhuo. In Sparta in ancient Greece, it was extremely common for slave owners to give slaves to each other.
As a special social phenomenon, gift giving has a very long history. People giving gifts to each other is an indispensable communication content in human social life. Gifts are produced and developed together with a series of other etiquette activities. We know that ritual originated from sacrificial activities in ancient times. When offering sacrifices, in addition to expressing respect and awe to the gods in a pious manner, people also devote themselves to the gods with the most valuable items (ie sacrifices) that best reflect their respect to the gods. Perhaps since then, in the meaning of gifts, there have been material components and manifestations. That is, rituals can appear in the form of objects.