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Wonderful Open-ear Audio Sunglasses

10times   2021-07-23

Look at the picture bellow, can you say what is it? You may say no doubt it is a sunglasses. Yes ,it is a sunglasses, but this sunglasses is not a tradition sunglasses, it is a Open-ear Audio Sunglasses, not only satisfy your glass function, but also can play music. Although add speaker function, the glass still keep it light nature, it weight only 38.5g.

With a Open-ear Audio Sunglasses,you can relax yourself, enjoy sunbathing with music .
You may wonder, Open-ear Audio Sunglasses is high quality good, can I afford it ? I can tell you that, as long as you can afford a normal sunglasses,you can afford a Open-ear audio Sunglasses. It’s simple but practical. 

Open-ear Audio Sunglasses

Open-ear Audio Sunglasses is very handy, it can be used as phone, if one day you forget your phone, you needn’t waste time go back to fetch it .You can contact your boss and your customers by your Open-ear Audio Sunglasses.

Open-ear Audio Sunglasses still have other advantages,such as Bluetooth control ,water proof, long working time for 5 to 6 hours.

Open-ear Audio Sunglasses is a very creative and wisdom invention.It is a wonderful black technology.

Open-ear Audio Sunglasses