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How much do you know about Waterproof outdoor Bluetooth speakers?

14times   2021-07-21

The appearance of Waterproof outdoor Bluetooth speakers looks small and exquisite. 

This is to achieve good portability. Waterproof outdoor Bluetooth speakers are gradually accepted and valued by consumers due to their many user-friendly features. Common Waterproof outdoor Bluetooth speakers are generally monaural speakers (single speaker unit), and some multi-channel speakers (two or more speaker units) with excellent sound quality have also appeared according to the pursuit of some users. 

In order to ensure that Waterproof outdoor Bluetooth speaker can be used well outdoors, when water suddenly enters, it can protect the speakers from water and cause damage. Therefore, generally or use IPX7-level Waterproof outdoor Bluetooth speaker breathable membranes for waterproofing at the sound outlet. , Other parts will be processed with waterproof sealant to make waterproof seals, so that the Waterproof Bluetooth speakers can be used in relatively humid, watery, and rainy environments. The excellent R&D and testing capabilities of waterproof and breathable membrane manufacturers can also help Bluetooth speaker manufacturers optimize IPX7 Waterproof outdoor Bluetooth speaker  breathable membrane products and breathable equipment casings to meet waterproof standards such as IP65, IP67 or IP68.

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