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Introduction to the functions and uses of smart glasses

10times   2021-12-18

Introduction to Smart Glasses
Smart glasses, also called smart mirrors, refer to "Like a smart phone, it has an independent operating system and can be installed by users of software, games, and other software service providers. It can be controlled by voice or action to complete adding schedules, map navigation, The general term for such a type of glasses that interact with friends, take photos and videos, start video calls with friends, and enable wireless network access through mobile communication networks."

The research and development of smart glasses will become another important leap-forward development in the history of human science and technology. Not only is it an exciting product, but it will also bring tremendous changes to our lives. If we use it in our daily life, then its own functions can make us amazed.

There is no precise definition of smart glasses, and no products have been officially launched. But judging from the test version of google glasses that has been available, smart glasses are products that integrate displays, cameras, cpu and networked devices into glasses.

Smart glasses roughly have the following core functions
1. Take pictures as you watch. It is convenient to take photos and videos at any time and place, and it is more private. But it also incurs criticism for infringing on privacy. Smart glasses with voice camera function, voice call function, map navigation function are the most basic functions.

2. Stay online at all times. It is no longer restricted by the mobile phone that needs to be lowered to operate, which provides convenience for many occasions. Such as: driving, talking, sports.

3. The extended function of watching and shooting: dynamic field of vision analysis. When you look at an unknown object or stranger, search for relevant information simultaneously.

The current smart glasses are still in a state of development, so its functions are still limited. They can only perform video recording, text messaging, some translation functions, and directions. Now the function of smart glasses has only reached this level, and it seems to be unremarkable, but if scientific researchers continue to develop, the field of smart glasses is infinitely broad, and it will replace many existing products to achieve various human activities. . Let's take an example of what areas smart glasses will enter to perform their functions.

The first is GPS navigation. We all know that mobile phones have navigation functions, so many people use mobile phones to navigate while driving, but using mobile phones while driving can be distracting and dangerous. At this time, if you wear smart glasses, then the problem can be solved. Smart glasses can not only find directions in advance and even accept voice navigation.

Secondly, the development of smart phones has also brought good news to doctors. Because smart glasses can allow doctors to check the patient's physical condition at any time, and even know the specific surgery site of the patient who needs surgery, how to perform surgery to prevent mistakes, and so on.

There are many more functions of smart glasses, and different areas have their own advantages. If smart glasses can be developed better, then it is undoubtedly a boon for mankind.