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The origin and current situation of square dance

10times   2021-12-17

Dance is the oldest art form. Dance Long before human language was produced, humans used dance to communicate feelings and celebrate victory. Use dance forms to teach labor methods and totem beliefs, witchcraft and religious ritual activities, and express the needs of internal conflicts in their own emotions and thoughts. Many ethnic minorities in our country are still in use today. For example, the Tujia people in Hubei still use dance to tell their past and history.

  Square dance has a long history and a long history. According to art historians, the earliest art produced by mankind is dance, and square dance is the mother of dance. Square dance originates from social life and emerges among the people. The masses are the creators and performers of square dance. In the long history of history, the people not only created square dances, but also developed square dances, making this flower of folk art deeply rooted in the social life of the masses, passed on from generation to generation, and continued to flourish for a long time.

  With the continuous progress and development of society, square culture, as a social cultural phenomenon, has attracted more and more attention. As an important expression of square culture, square art is in the ascendant. The function and performance area of ​​the square dance have undergone major changes. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the party and government have attached great importance to the construction and development of people’s culture. Especially after entering the 1990s, the government established many cultural squares in cities above the county level.

   The great changes that have taken place in square dance quietly, the square dance from the countryside to the city has become an indispensable content of urban cultural construction. Nowadays, the square dance is active in every corner of the motherland, and it has become the highlight and scenic line of urban life. At the same time, new content was given to the square dance. Due to the particularity of square dance art, it can play an unexpected fitness role in entertainment, making square dance an urban dance that integrates entertainment and fitness. The shadow of square dance can be seen throughout the country from morning to night.

  Contemporary square dance incorporates modern dance consciousness, behavior and form, thus forming a style of modern square dance. With the increase of people's consciousness of subject and participation and the extensive development of square cultural activities, square dance is receiving more and more attention and attention from all walks of life. It has become an indispensable and important form and content in urban cultural life. At the same time, square dance is moving forward along the healthy track of inheritance, innovation and development, and at the same time, with a brand-new attitude, it plays an active role that other art forms cannot replace for the better life of people in the 21st century.

   Today's square dance has been affirmed by more and more people of different ages. In major squares in major cities, there will be people who dance square dances, and many of them are young people. This means that the era of national fitness is coming, and everyone is beginning to pay attention to their health. The interaction between young and old also adds a lot of fun to the square dance.

   Nowadays, with the popularity of square dance and everyone’s love for square dance, more and more people are involved in the learning of square dance, and square dance competitions are also coming.