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Benefits of massage

12times   2021-12-01

The benefits of massage are as follows:
1. It is to dredge the meridians, which can eliminate the pain.
2. It is the movement of qi and blood, and the meridian is the channel of qi and blood. Massage can make the meridian and qi and blood unblocked.
3. Is to balance yin and yang. Many conditions in the human body are diseases caused by the imbalance of Yin and Yang.
4. It is to regulate the viscera. For massage, there are corresponding reflection areas on the body surface, which can adjust the viscera.

The main benefits of massage to the body are as follows:
1. It can improve sleep quality and improve insomnia.
2. It can treat rheumatoid arthritis, numbness of limbs, waist and leg pain, lumbar disc herniation, cervical spondylosis and other symptoms.
3. It can alleviate the symptoms of sub-health, consume excess fat in the body, and achieve the effect of beauty.
4. Remove all kinds of garbage in the human body, promote the secretion of the human body, improve the symptoms of indigestion, and can also improve gastrointestinal function and speed up blood circulation.