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Stylish outdoor portable power bank with dual LED lights and built-in cable and screen

17times   2022-11-03

  At present, there are a lot of fake and shoddy powerbanks on the market, and there are many cases of false capacity and false publicity. Moreover, the work stability of these inferior power banks is very poor, and they may charge the mobile phone battery, and even have certain safety risks. A charge bank is good or not mainly depends on whether the output voltage/current is standard and stable, the conversion rate is not high, the safety protection design is in place, the cycle life is not high, the shell is strong and flame retardant.

  In the current mobile power market, there are a lot of products, various types of products, so that consumers have a large choice, but most of the products are homogeneous, lack of enough characteristics, consumers are not satisfied with this market situation. With the diversification of consumer needs and the increasingly demanding requirements of users for products, many mobile power supplies on the market are seriously disconnected from the needs of consumers. If the early mobile power supplies only stay in the previous version, they cannot keep up with the consumption trend. And some manufacturers see this demand change, along with the launch of highly targeted products to meet the actual needs of consumers.

  Advantages of this outdoor portable power supply: easy to carry, only box size, product size is 14 * 6.8 * 1.9 cm; Strong compatibility, suitable for most digital products portable devices, built-in cable support C type, Micro, USB, IPhone interface daily devices; High capacity, battery capacity 10000mah, stable and safe output.
  Easy to use, more convenient than ordinary cell phone batteries. Do not shut down the battery can be directly connected to charge. For some non-removable battery mobile phones and other devices have this very great effect
  Other functions: The portable power supply is equipped with two LED flashlights, which enriches the type of outdoor portable charging bank.