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Portable long bucket type mini cute power supply with wire

11times   2022-11-10

    The advantages of own charging bank, according to their own needs to choose different capacity, such as 5000mAh, 10000mAh, 20000mAh, etc. With more and more diversified and personalized needs of users, power banks are not only for charging mobile phones and other devices. For example, for those who like to go out and only need to supplement the power supply for a short time, they no longer only require the power bank to have a large enough capacity, waterproof and dustproof resistance, and it is better to have the searchlight function. Now they need more beautiful, practical and personalized portable power bank. Young people began to pay attention to the appearance level of the charge bank, cartoon, lipstick, electric fan and other multi-functional integration. Advantages of own charging bank: Choose your favorite charging bank independently to meet different needs. Disadvantages: carry, increase a certain weight; So choose our power bank, a small and light mini cute power supply.

    The product size is 7.6*2.7*2.2CM, and there is a small cartoon adorn the head. It is not only cute and mini, but also comes with a data cable with a Type-C interface. It also reduces the weight. And can properly supplement the outing family, put on the pocket will not be abrupt, choose not to choose when to choose it!
    And this kind of small charging bank, the line voltage is very stable, there will be no big safety risks, such as explosion and other difficult to happen.

    The first reason for the popularity of power banks is that mobile phone manufacturers are keen to upgrade.
    When the shared battery bank first came out, the screen of the average mobile phone on the market was not that big, and it was not a problem to use a full charge for one day. Therefore, it was normal to think that the shared battery bank was a "fake demand".
    But over the years, the arms race among handset makers has led to ever-larger screens, ever-higher refresh rates, and ever-weaker batteries that don't last more than half a day of heavy use.
    Then, the power bank is more and more abundant.