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How to choose Karaoke speaker

09times   2023-01-06

Family Karaoke speaker is a sound box, power amplifier, microphone, song machine and other equipment composition. And different equipment play different functions, and then provide us with good sound effect.

However, many people do not know how to choose when choosing equipment. Because they are not familiar with the equipment and not know which parameters of the equipment are the most critical.

Take the speaker as an example. If the important parameter cannot be found among many parameters, the selection of the sound box will appear blind. If you don't know which parameter will make the sound quality of the speaker better, you can't make a targeted choice, which will lead to improper selection.

  1. Impedance

Impedance is a parameter we must pay attention to when choosing a speaker. The lower the impedance of the speaker, the greater the input current. At present, the most common impedances are 4, 6, 8, and 16. 8 euro is the recommended value of the international standard, which can be used as the standard for families to choose speakers. If the impedance selection is not correct, it is likely to appear sound quality distortion, bass deterioration and other conditions.

Therefore, when we choose the family Karaoke speaker , we must pay attention to the size of the impedance. Sensitivity of sensitivity Sensitivity is the key value that affects the sound size of the sound box. When the distance is the same and the volume is adjusted the same, the higher the sensitivity of the speakers, the greater the sound. And that's without compromising sound quality. However, the sensitivity and distortion of sound are relative. Sensitivity is at the expense of distortion. So, more sensitivity is not always better.

At present, the sensitivity of the sound box is usually around 86dB, our family Karaoke speaker parameters can be this value. If there are no professional requirements, there is no need to choose higher sensitivity.

  1. Frequency response range

The greater the frequency response range, the better the sound box. Sound box frequency response range and sound box performance, price has a very direct relationship. The smaller the decibel value of the frequency response, the less distortion and higher playback performance of the speaker. On the contrary, the distortion becomes larger and the playback effect becomes worse. The frequency response range that our ears can hear is 20Hz to 20KHz.

Beyond that range, our human ears can't pick it up. Therefore, the frequency response range of family Karaoke speaker can be within this range.

  1. Signal to noise ratio

SNR is the ratio of the normal sound signal played back by the speaker to the noise signal when there is no signal. In general, a high signal-to-noise ratio means less noise mixed into the signal and better sound playback. Otherwise, the noise is loud and the sound playback quality is low. SNR generally should not be lower than 70dB, hi-fi speaker SNR will reach more than 110dB.

Generally speaking, the higher the signal-to-noise ratio, the higher the price of the speaker. We can choose the appropriate signal to noise ratio index according to the actual situation, and then choose the right family Karaoke speaker. In addition to these parameters, distortion, playback power, material and other factors we need to pay attention to. Single data is powerful, not a good speaker. Only when the comprehensive data is strong, can it be a good speaker.

In the choice of family Karaoke speaker equipment, we understand, pay attention to these parameters is very useful. If we don't understand the most basic parameters, we probably won't find the right speaker. Now choose the family Karaoke speaker, you know to see those parameters