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How does Bluetooth speaker work

15times   2023-07-31

A Bluetooth speaker is a wireless audio device that uses Bluetooth technology to receive and play audio signals. Here's how Bluetooth speakers work:


Our company is China Cube LED Speaker with 360 degree full lights speaker manufacturer.Bluetooth speakers first need to be paired with audio source devices (such as mobile phones, computers, etc.). During the pairing process, the audio source device will send a pairing request to the Bluetooth speaker, and the Bluetooth speaker will generate a pairing code that the audio source device needs to enter for pairing.


Once paired, the audio source device sends the audio signal to the Bluetooth speaker via Bluetooth technology. The audio signal is encoded and compressed, and then transmitted to the Bluetooth speaker via a Bluetooth wireless signal.


After receiving the Bluetooth signal, the Bluetooth speaker decodes and decompress the audio signal and converts it into an analog audio signal.


Bluetooth speakers amplify and play back analog audio signals through built-in speakers or external speakers, enabling users to hear music, speech, or other audio content.


Bluetooth speakers can also have other functions, such as volume adjustment, sound Settings, answering calls, etc., which can be achieved through buttons on the Bluetooth speaker or interaction with the audio source device.Our company is China Multi-color speaker supplier.


In general, Bluetooth audio receives and decodes audio signals through Bluetooth technology, and converts them into analog audio signals for amplification and playback, thus achieving the function of wireless audio transmission and playback.