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The use of smart audio sunglasses

12times   2023-07-29

We are China smart audio sunglasses manufacturer.Smart Audio Sunglasses are a product that combines sunglasses and smart audio technology with the following uses:


Uv protection: Smart audio sunglasses have the basic functions of sunglasses, which can effectively prevent UV damage to the eyes.


Audio playback: Smart audio sunglasses with built-in audio devices can be connected to mobile phones or other audio devices via Bluetooth or wireless to achieve audio playback function, users can enjoy music, podcasts, audio books, etc., anytime and anywhere.


Call function: Smart audio sunglasses built-in microphone and speaker, can achieve the call function, users can directly answer the phone or voice call through the sunglasses, convenient and practical.





Navigation function: Some smart audio sunglasses also have a navigation function, which can be connected to the navigation app of the phone, and the navigation instructions can be transmitted directly to the sunglasses, and the user can navigate directly through the display or voice prompts on the sunglasses without looking at the phone.


Health monitoring: Some smart audio sunglasses also have health monitoring functions, such as heart rate monitoring, step counting, etc., which can help users understand their health status in real time.Our company is China waterproof sunglasses supplier


In general, the use of smart audio sunglasses is mainly to combine the ultraviolet protection function of sunglasses and smart audio technology, to provide users with convenient audio playback, call, navigation and other functions, but also to monitor the health of users.