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How do smart Audio Sunglasses work

12times   2023-08-01

Our company is China smart audio sunglasses manufacturer.Smart audio sunglasses.are a product that combines sunglasses and smart audio technology. It works as follows:

Sunglasses function: Smart audio sunglasses is first of all a pair of sunglasses, with anti-ultraviolet, anti-glare and other basic functions, can protect the eyes from the sun damage.


Smart Audio features: Smart audio sunglasses have built-in audio devices, such as microphones, speakers, etc. It is possible to communicate with a smartphone or other audio device via Bluetooth or wireless connection.


We are China smart audio sunglasses supplier .Voice recognition and command control: Voice recognition technology is built into the smart audio sunglasses to recognize the user's voice commands. Users can control music playback, phone answering, navigation and other functions through voice commands without using manual operations.

Information display: Smart audio sunglasses are usually equipped with a micro display that can display some basic information on the lens, such as incoming power display, navigation instructions, etc. This allows users to get the necessary information without having to look at the phone screen.


Charging and data transfer: Smart audio sunglasses usually have a built-in battery that can be charged via a USB port or other charging method. At the same time, it can also transfer and update data with computers or other devices through the USB interface.


In general, smart audio sunglasses realize the dual role of eye protection and audio function by combining sunglasses and smart audio technology. Users can control music, telephone and other functions through voice commands, and can also obtain some basic information display.