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Why is the price of TWS Wireless Earphone so disparity?

17times   2021-06-28

TWS Wireless Earphone is a new earphone category in recent years. Compared with the traditional 3.5mm wired earphone, the wire is eliminated. Bluetooth connection is adopted, which is simpler and lighter. Compared with traditional earphones, it gives us a lot of convenience, and also facilitates our storage, which is loved by many users. So, why is the price of TWS Wireless Earphone so much worse?

The price difference between TWS Wireless Earphone and wired earphones is large, mainly because the enthusiast and custom-made ones have pushed up the price. This is the same in Bluetooth headsets. The customization level is mainly to enjoy the service, and the enthusiast level is definitely indistinguishable from the general user. Ordinary users are mainly looking for less than two thousand yuan, and this price is the competition area of ​​many international big names.

But for these big brands, the brand effect has always been the main factor in the price of the products. The foreign brands of the same configuration products are at least half of the domestic ones. At present, the mainstream brands of TWS Wireless Earphone, Jabra, BOSE, Sony, etc., but the big-name after-sales service Generally, it is more credible, and many people think it is more worthwhile.

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In addition, the material is also an important factor that restricts the cost of the product. The price of bluetooth headsets using high-end luxury materials is naturally expensive, and the product with a unique shape, the mold opening fee is also a large expense, and the cost is high and the price naturally rises. Compared with copycat products using "public models", the R&D cost is low and cheap and it is much more affordable.

The above is all about what TWS Wireless Earphone is and why the price difference of TWS Wireless Earphone is so much. I believe you have already understood a certain level of TWS Wireless Earphone here. The editor below recommends a super practical TWS Wireless Earphone.

Animal TWS Wireless Earphone  factory AEP-0213

This is the unique style designed by sawolol, novel and distinctive, the oval earphone body, round texture, and particularly compact. The 3mm super soft glue used in the earphones has no pressure to wear and has good sound insulation. It is not available in many TWS Wireless Earphones on the market. It can also be a big-brand Bluetooth earphone in terms of sound quality. It is worth experiencing!

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