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The best waterproof speakers in 2021

14times   2021-08-02

The best waterproof speakers are just what you need to stay entertained when out at the beach, seeing friends at the park or simply relaxing at home. A sudden rain shower or accidental drop in the pool would spell the end for most tech, including many of the best Bluetooth speakers overall, but all the speakers on this list come with protection against water ingress.

Naturally we’ve tested them for audio performance and battery life as well, but while they may vary in sound and longevity, one thing these speakers all have in common is how they’ll grant you peace of mind against potential damage. And if nothing else, you could use most of them in the shower. Read below for all our best waterproof speaker picks.

What is the best waterproof speaker?
The best waterproof speakers stands at the top of our best waterproof speaker rankings, and for good reason. It pumps out sharp-sound audio in a full 360 degrees, lasts long between battery recharges and is certified for IPX6 waterproofing, one of the best IP (ingress protection) ratings you can get.
What takes the best waterproof speakers to the top of our best waterproof speakers list is a substantial assortment of bonus features, including the ability to pair with another waterproof speakers for stereo sound, and its enviable IP6 waterproofing. That’s enough to let the speaker get utterly soaked and still keep playing without issue, something we confirmed by dunking it in a sink to no ill effect. You won’t find a better combination of portability, practicality and sound quality.
Today's best waterproof speakers have become smarter, more durable, and more entertaining than ever. The product category’s top offerings will not only play your favorite tunes but also charge your mobile devices and even deliver access to your favorite virtual assistant.

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