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How to make wireless bluetooth speakers last longer?

10times   2021-09-13

In the wireless bluetooth speakers industry, if practitioners pay a little attention to some small details in their work, it will increase the safe use period of the wireless bluetooth speakers system and extend the service life of the wireless bluetooth speakers. During the use of the wireless bluetooth speakers system, the wireless bluetooth speakers at the end of the wireless bluetooth speakers system link is often more fatal.

From the perspective of the material of the wireless bluetooth speakers, the wooden box, the paper unit basin, plus the internal sound-absorbing cotton, cables, capacitors, etc., almost every part is flammable; in addition, even for multimedia wireless bluetooth speakers, it is easily tens of watts. , Hundreds of watts of output power, the heat generated by power amplifier chips, frequency dividers, transformers and other components when the output is continuous is amazing.

Except that high temperature is the fatal factor of wireless bluetooth speakers, there are many other problems that cannot be ignored during the use of the wireless bluetooth speakers system. Let's talk about the fatal factors of wireless bluetooth speakers first.

1. Taboo power overload phenomenon
 Usually when the wireless bluetooth speakers is equipped with a power amplifier, in order to make the performance of the wireless bluetooth speakers fully play, the power of the power amplifier is often larger than the power of the wireless bluetooth speakers, sometimes it is about 1 times larger.

In this case, in actual use, control the signal to the power amplifier not to be too large, the wireless bluetooth speakers will have a good performance, the sound is full, and the distortion is small. However, if you do not pay attention to the control signal and the signal input to the power amplifier is too large, the output power of the power amplifier will exceed the power that the wireless bluetooth speakers can withstand. For wireless bluetooth speakers, this is an overload phenomenon. Short-term overload has little effect on the wireless bluetooth speakers, but if the wireless bluetooth speaker is overloaded for a long time, even if the wireless bluetooth speakers in the wireless bluetooth speaker does not burn, mechanical damage may occur. For example: the folding ring of the paper cone of the woofer is broken, the paper cone is broken, the lead wire of the voice coil is torn, the diaphragm of the tweeter is broken, etc. Therefore, if the power amplifier used is more than 50% higher than the power of the wireless bluetooth speakers, you need to pay special attention to the signal size when using it, and try to control the use of the power amplifier in a state where the red light does not flash.

2. Frequency response, a hidden danger that affects the safety of wireless bluetooth speakers.

For example, a 15-inch full-frequency wireless bluetooth speaker has a frequency response range of 60-18kHz, which tells you that the electrical signal in this range can be restored to sound normally. Note that its lower limit frequency is 60Hz, and electrical signals below 60Hz cannot be converted into sound normally. If the electrical signal you input to it is a full-range signal without any processing, including components below 60 Hz. However, the energy of this part of the electrical signal by the wireless bluetooth speaker cannot be converted into sound. This part of the electrical energy is basically converted into heat, which is a hidden danger.

If the wireless bluetooth speaker works with high power input for a long time, the heat will cause the temperature of the voice coil to continue to rise, causing the glue that fixes the coil to melt, and the loose coil of the voice coil is damaged. If you don't realize this problem, even if the wireless bluetooth speaker is repaired, it will be broken again in the future.

Solution: Use the filter (HPF) and (LOW CUT) on the processor or other equipment to cut off the low frequency part that the wireless bluetooth speaker cannot express. The same is true for the high frequency part above 18KHz, which should be cut off by the filter of the processor. 

So, how to make the wireless bluetooth speakers have a longer service life? Let's take a look!

1. The normal working temperature of sound equipment should be 18℃~45℃. Too low a temperature will reduce the flexibility of some machines (such as tube machines); too high a temperature will easily burn out the components, or cause the components to age prematurely. In summer, pay special attention to cooling and maintain air circulation.

2. Avoid direct sunlight on sound equipment, and prevent it from getting close to heat sources, such as heaters.

3. After the sound equipment is used up, the function keys should be reset. If the function key is not reset for a long time, and the torsion spring is in a stressed state for a long time, it is easy to malfunction.