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How to judge the sound quality of mini portable speaker?

11times   2021-06-24

Everyone's needs for sound quality are different! such as:

In Europe and the United States, they like to listen to some heavy bass sounds, which is one of the reasons why Bose's bass is good; in Asia, we pay more attention to layering, music sound field, and music beauty. This is why there is People like Bose and think its sound quality is very good. Some people don’t like it. Naturally, they think it’s one of the reasons why its sound quality is not good.

Therefore, if you want to judge the sound quality of a mini portable speaker, you should look at the following points:

1. See if the sound of the mini portable speaker is within the acceptable range of human ears

In any playback equipment, if the sound pressure (unit: decibel) is too high, the louder the volume will be. If it goes on for a long time, it will produce sound pollution and cause ear damage.

Therefore, a mini portable speaker with good sound quality should start from the most basic sound pressure.

From the perspective of sound pressure: our human ears are more suitable for 60-70 decibels; 80-90 decibels will feel very noisy and nerve cells will be destroyed; and if the volume exceeds 100 decibels, it is enough to make the ears sound The hair cells of internal hearing die or are damaged, causing hearing loss.

If we look at the frequency of sound: the sound waves that we humans can hear are audible sound waves with a frequency range of 20 to 2000 Hz; infrasound waves below 20 Hz and ultrasonic waves above 20000 Hz are inaudible. However, the hearing limit of each person is different, especially with age. For example, a child can hear a maximum of 30,000 Hz to 40,000 Hz. With age, the highest frequency that can be heard also decreases. Elderly people around the age of 50 can only hear up to 13000 Hz, while seniors over the age of sixty can only hear 1000 to 4000 Hz.

This is why the same voice sounds very lively in a world that children hear, but the elderly feel it is silent. Before a Bluetooth speaker with good sound quality is officially launched, it is necessary to consider these factors, how to satisfy the ears of young people while also satisfying some older ears. Therefore, it depends on how the major manufacturers "show their magic."

mini portable speaker

Take NSP-220FR mini portable speaker as an example!

In order to meet the hearing needs of different age groups, and to make the sound heard by all people comfortable, not unacceptable.

We did more than a little homework:

1. Start to consider from the appearance design

In order for the sound quality of the mini portable speaker to meet the needs of everyone's ears, from the appearance design, we began to consider how to make the sound of the mini portable speaker play better, and to meet the public's demand for sound quality.

After the sound is refracted through the cabinet structure, it produces a kind of echo and reflection effect, and then passes into the human ear, which can greatly enhance the stereo sound of the mini portable speaker, so that every user, whether you are young or old In addition, when you hear NSP-220FR, you can feel the presence of the three-dimensional effect.


2. Improve the resolution so that everyone who has heard the NSP-220FR mini portable speaker feel comfortable.

We all know that the melody of music is mainly concentrated in the high range, but in view of the way the sound waves propagate, the higher the sound wave frequency, the smaller the energy, and the faster it disappears;

However, if the resolution of the speaker is not high enough to accurately restore the subtle music signals, and the high frequency range is insufficient, the tone and melody will become chaotic and hazy, not to mention the charm.

The response frequency of an ordinary mini portable speaker is generally 120Hz-10KHz.

The physical response frequency of NSP-220FR has broken through 20Hz to 20KHz. If you are a senior enthusiast, you will understand the gold content of this product after reading this data. Such a small cabinet can have such a wide frequency response, and the result is that the sound reproduction is very real, and the individual instruments can be perfectly distinguished during instrumental performance.

This kind of frequency is not even in the familiar Bose! If you don’t believe me, you can compare, the data is on the official website!

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