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Functional glasses

11times   2021-12-29

Anti-radiation, anti-fatigue
Adopting advanced aerospace technology of Harbin Institute of Technology, the lens is the same as the astronaut's special goggles, anti-radiation, anti-fatigue, and alleviate the development of myopia.
High light transmittance
Nanotechnology guarantees the highest possible light transmittance, clearer vision, and full protection of eye health.
Absorb and decompose harmful light and electromagnetic waves
Using national patented coating technology, the film contains rare precious metals. It has a conductive function (similar to the working principle of a lightning rod, which absorbs harmful light and electromagnetic waves on the surface of the lens, quickly reflects and decomposes, and at the same time eliminates it invisible to avoid damage to the eyes).
Anti-ultraviolet, anti-fatigue
Ergonomic light absorption technology, adding a special coating to absorb the most irritating and harmful violet and ultraviolet rays in the visible spectrum, making the light softer, and reducing visual fatigue and brain fatigue caused by visual fatigue.
Comfortable to wear
Perfect application of ergonomics, bionic intelligent design, streamlined elastic frame, high fit, light and stylish, moderate elasticity, good curvature, soft temples, stable frame, never fade, unparalleled comfort.