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What is bone conduction headphone?

10times   2022-12-17

    Bone conduction headphone refer to earphones that use human bones as a medium to transmit sound to auditory organs without passing through the external auditory canal and eardrum. Its principle is to convert sound into different mechanical vibrations. Sound waves are transmitted directly to the inner ear through skull vibration, and can be heard without passing through the eardrum.

    The working principle of bone conduction headphone have two ways to transmit sound, one is through air, the other is through a certain medium. The traditional earphones we use mainly transmit sound through air, while bone conduction earphones transmit sound through a certain medium (head bone), and finally transmit sound directly to the auditory nerve in the form of sound waves, It is no longer necessary to pass the air to the eardrum first, and then to our auditory nerve. This is the reason why bone conduction headphone do not need to enter the ear and the principle of operation.

    Therefore, when wearing bone conduction headphone, the external auditory canal of the human ear is kept open, and external sounds can be heard at the same time.

    Bone conduction headphone do not need to be worn in the ear. Compared with traditional earphones, they have the following three advantages.

1. Hearing protection

    Because bone conduction technology converts sound into mechanical vibration of different frequencies, and transmits sound wave through skull, bone labyrinth, etc.

    Compared with traditional earphones, which transmit sound into the ear canal through air vibration and then knock the eardrum, bone conduction headphone will not stimulate the eardrum when listening to music, which can better protect hearing from damage

2. Suitable for sports

    When wearing bone conduction headphone, you can open your ears to hear the sound of the surrounding environment to avoid sudden danger.

    In addition, it is easy to sweat during exercise. The conduction headphone can be waterproof and sweat proof, and it is worn by ear hanging, so it is more suitable for use during exercise.

3. Comfortable to wear

    The bone conduction headphone does not need to be worn in the ear, so it will not block the ear canal and will not cause foreign body feeling when worn.

    It will be more comfortable and suitable for long-term wear. It is also a better choice for users with small earholes and otitis media

    Bone conduction headphone can further reduce sound distortion. This kind of earphone can better emancipate the ear, and the ear will not feel constrained. It can also be safer in life. Compared with traditional earphones, it has many advantages, and bone conduction headphone are very reliable.