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How to judge the sound quality of Bluetooth speaker?

10times   2022-12-15

    There are many kinds of audio bluetooth speakers on the market, and there are many brands of audio bluetooth speakers.

    Faced with many audio bluetooth speakers, how should we choose an audio bluetooth speaker with good sound quality? How to judge the sound quality of audio bluetooth speaker?

NO.1 Bluetooth speakers driver

    To judge the sound quality of audio bluetooth speakers, we mainly judge through professional instruments and human ears. Test the quality of the low frequency of the audio bluetooth speaker. A good low frequency is bright and clean, full of layers, and will not be muddy. The poor low frequency is deafening, bloated and thick, the sound is loose, and lacks a sense of hierarchy. Test the human voice in the mid-frequency of the audio bluetooth speaker. The human voice is the sound we often hear. It is easier to judge whether the human voice is good or not. Just pay attention to whether there is an abnormal nasal sound in the vocal bluetooth speaker or the feeling of being pursed. Test the flexibility of the high frequency of the audio bluetooth speaker. A good high frequency is soft and elastic, smooth and layered, and it can be easily heard at the highest level without changing the sound. Poor high frequencies are shrill and harsh, which makes people sound uncomfortable.

NO.2 Test mid-frequency vocals

    The human voice is the most commonly heard sound, and it is not difficult to detect whether it is good or bad. Pay attention to whether the human voice has an unusual nasal sound, or the feeling of being pursed. The box sound of some bluetooth speakers will also greatly interfere with the mid-frequency, making the sound in this frequency band blurred. The mid-frequency coloration is more important than other frequency coloration, because most audible sound frequencies, or music frequencies Concentrate on the middle frequency range, which will become an obstacle to playback for almost all music.

NO.3 Test the quality of low frequency

    The low frequency produced by inferior bluetooth speakers can be deafening, but it is completely bloated and bulky, lacking a sense of layering and solidity. A good low-frequency should be clean and clear, with clear layers, not muddy and watery, and even various low-frequency instruments such as drums, bass guitars and piano basses can be easily distinguished. So don't be easily deceived by the sense of volume of the low frequency. The low-quality low frequency is not as natural and comfortable as the clean sound. Some bookshelf-type AV bluetooth speakers advertised as heavy two-way, many buyers will think that it is very valuable, because everyone will weigh the bluetooth speaker first when choosing a bluetooth speaker, whether the heavier the bluetooth speaker is more valuable, in fact, this is right or wrong. According to the weight of the loudspeaker, the thicker the dense board (MDF or HDF) of the cabinet, the thicker the wood board is, it is not easy to generate resonance; in addition, the heavier the loudspeaker, the larger the magnet of the woofer, so the bass presented is deep . But on average, the weight of a bookshelf-type bluetooth speaker with a height of 38 cm should be considered heavy at six to seven kilograms. If it exceeds this weight by a lot, even as high as three to forty kilograms, its weight may be a gimmick. Doesn't help the overall sound quality much.

NO.4 Test the flexibility of high frequency

    Inferior high frequencies are screeching and piercing, and in extreme cases turn the bel canto of a violin or soprano into a screeching noise of brakes. Similarly, different musical instruments in high-frequency sounds often produce different textures, and good high-frequency sounds can be distinguished. The high frequency of the next level can even make people distinguish the different phonics played by two different years and different woods. The easiest thing to master is that a good high-frequency sound should not be intimidating, the pores will stand up, and the more you listen, the more tired you will be. It can still be heard at the highest point without changing the voice (of course not using the recording of the out-of-pitch singer as a reference)

NO.5 Test high volume and sound field imaging

    Some bluetooth speakers are stable at low volume, but when the volume is increased to a certain level, they will be distorted, or "beating", and there will be various non-recording music signals, (of course, the volume of no more than 12 points is a safe test standard). Specifically, this level must be passed if orchestral music is one of the favorite types of music. A standard loudspeaker can sound out of the box to a certain extent, creating a clear sound field and imaging, showing the position and texture of different instruments. There is enough diffusion to satisfy the existing listening space, the weak sound and the end sound should be heard clearly, and there is no distortion and distortion in the case of high volume and "big burst", and the human voice and instrument sound will not be entangled. High-quality playback can show a rich sense of music and air, as well as the bouncing force of notes, just like seeing the blue sky through clouds and mist, showing the entire detailed and orderly audio-visual. And more directly, it will not make your ears tired after listening for a long time.