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Smart audio sunglasses

12times   2023-10-21

Smart audio sunglasses, sounds very high-end atmosphere class. But I know that some friends will ask: what is it really good for?


First, let's look at its specifications: Bluetooth version 5.0, detachable frame, waterproof rating IP65, 2-4 hours of work on a 2-hour charge. Net weight 38 grams, wear not tired. It sounds very exciting!


The biggest feature of smart audio sunglasses is that you can enjoy beautiful music while shaded outdoors. After all, the summer sun again dazzling, can not resist the charm of music!


 If you are an outdoor lover, then smart audio sunglasses will be your best choice. It is waterproof IP65, can withstand strong currents, even when you are boating or playing in the water, it can be easily handled. Moreover, its detachable frame design makes it easy for you to change lenses at any time and adapt to different light environments. In this way, you can enjoy the best visual experience in different scenes.Charging 2 hours can be used for 4-6 hours, which is very convenient.


Overall, smart audio sunglasses are a very interesting product. It's compact and comfortable to wear, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of both music and shade when outdoors. If you're an outdoor enthusiast, or like to try out novel technology products, then it's definitely worth a try. Who knows, it will become your indispensable summer companion!