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Smart Audio Blue-ray Glass

12times   2023-11-13

Our company is China waterproof Blue-light-proof Lens audio-ray glasses manufacturer.We are Smart Audio sunglasses, equipped with the latest Bluetooth version 5.0, bring users a whole new audio experience. With a detachable frame design, these sunglasses weigh just 38 grams and are light and comfortable. Charging takes only 2 hours to achieve 4-6 hours of continuous working time. Let's explore the possibilities of this innovative product.


First, the Bluetooth version 5.0 of Smart Audio sunglasses provides users with a more stable and efficient audio transmission experience. Whether listening to music, listening to podcasts or answering phone calls, you can enjoy clear, smooth sound quality. The introduction of this new technology not only improves the quality of audio, but also strengthens the connection stability between sunglasses and smart devices, so that users do not need to worry about signal interruption or delay.


Secondly, the detachable frame design of the sunglasses provides users with higher flexibility and space for personalized customization. Users can freely change different styles or colors of frames according to their preferences, making sunglasses a fashionable accessory to show personal unique taste. This design not only meets the user's pursuit of beauty, but also provides better comfort and adjustability, allowing users to feel more relaxed and comfortable during long-term wear.


Again, the net weight of the sunglasses is only 38 grams, and the light body brings no burden to wear. Whether it is outdoor sports, travel or daily life, users can carry around and enjoy the company of audio at any time. This lightweight design not only makes it easy for users to carry, but also provides users with a freer and more enjoyable experience.


Finally, the powerful battery life of the smart audio sunglasses allows users to enjoy the fun of audio. Charging only takes 2 hours, can support 4-6 hours of working time, to meet the needs of users for long-term use. Whether it is outdoor sports, leisure entertainment or work and study, users can enjoy the fun of audio and better integrate into their lives.


We are China Bluetooth waterproof  glasses supplier.Overall, smart Audio sunglasses with their Bluetooth version 5.0, detachable frame, light comfort, and powerful battery life features, bring users an unprecedented audio experience. Both in terms of design and functional performance, this innovative product has demonstrated outstanding performance. Let's embrace this smart era and feel the infinite possibilities brought by smart audio sunglasses!