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Portable Animal TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

09times   2023-08-18

TWS earphones, short for true wireless Bluetooth earphones, consist of two separate earbuds and a storage case that can be charged.



The biggest advantage of TWS earphones is that there will be no earphone wire winding problem when wearing, this experience is subversive, although some people worry that TWS earphones are easy to fall off, but most of the TWS earphones on the market are in line with human ear engineering design, daily use generally will not fall.

The design of the TWS headset benefits from the wireless characteristics, so it can achieve great convenience whether it is worn or carried around.



In addition, TWS earphones have another advantage, because there is wireless connecting the left and right units, so the battery and control circuit must also be built into the earphones. At present, many TWS earphones on the market have integrated AI assistant, gesture touch, active noise reduction and other phase functions.



Our earphones are exactly the use of TWS Bluetooth technology, its lovely appearance is loved by people, and we have developed a variety of styles for you to choose from, in addition to its use is also very good.