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Pineapple LED dancing speaker

13times   2024-01-18

Pineapple LED dancing speaker, this wonderful sound, not only let you enjoy the music, but also bring you a visual feast.We are China Pineapple Dancing Speaker manufacturer,


Let's focus on the top of the pineapple sound. It cleverly designed a delicate and chic LED seven-color lights, like a bright star, emitting a dazzling light. These seven colors complement each other, just like the colorful neon in the sky, instantly igniting the romance and passion of the entire space.


In addition to the eye-catching LED lights, Pineapple audio also has excellent features. It supports hands-free calling, allowing you to easily free your hands in your busy life and talk with friends and family anytime, anywhere. Whether it is a business meeting or a family gathering, it can bring you convenience and comfort.


For electronic equipment, battery life is an important indicator. And pineapple audio also performs well in this regard, only need to charge 1 hour, can work for 4 hours. Thanks to the built-in high-quality battery, you can enjoy your music without worrying about low power.


Pineapple audio not only features outstanding, accessories are also very intimate. The gift of charging cable and instruction manual makes you more handy in the process of use, and no longer worries about complicated operation. The color packaging box design, so that this audio more touching visual effects, whether it is a gift or collection, can become a unique and precious gift.


Let's talk about the portability of Pineapple speakers. Due to its small size, it can be easily carried in your pocket, making it a great companion for you to travel or exercise outdoors. Whether it is a carnival on the beach or a stroll in the mountains, Pineapple Audio can bring you endless joy and company.


Our company is China fruit dancing speaker exporter.The various characteristics of this pineapple LED dancing sound can not help but make people yearn for. Its seven-color lighting, hands-free calls, long battery life and portable design make it a rare gem. Whether it is a pleasing appearance, or excellent function, pineapple audio can bring you a gorgeous audio-visual feast. Let us put down the busy life, immersed in the sea of music and light and shadow, and dance with pineapple sound!