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Dance Speaker plus

10times   2024-01-20

Dance Speaker plus, a high-end audio equipment with multiple functions in one. It not only supports TF card and AUX connection, but also has the convenience of hands-free calling. Its charging time is only 4 hours, and the working time is up to 10 hours, ensuring your music enjoyment for a long time.Welcome to visit our website-China dancing speaker plus manufacturer


This speaker is equipped with two speakers for a clearer, three-dimensional sound experience. The sound quality is full and the volume is adjustable, so you can enjoy your favorite songs anytime, anywhere.


The unique nightlight function adds a mysterious atmosphere to your musical journey. You can adjust the brightness of the night light so that it illuminations your space just right, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere.


It is worth mentioning that the dance Speaker plus has a full range of accessories, including a USB charging cable, which is convenient for you to charge at any time. At the same time, it also comes with a detailed manual so that you can easily get started, understand and use the features. And the color box packaging is the icing on the cake for this audio, highlighting its high-end atmospheric quality.

All in all, We are China TWS dancing speaker exporter the dance speaker plus has become a bright star in the audio market with its excellent functions and exquisite appearance design. Whether you're having fun with music or spending time with friends, this speaker delivers an exceptional experience. Let's embrace the charm of music, listen to the beautiful melody, and enjoy the endless pleasure brought by the dance speaker plus.