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Outdoor portable cartoon portable power supply EG0261 with double LED lights

17times   2022-10-17

  Portable power supply A portable charger integrating power supply and charging functions, which can charge or power standby mobile phones and other digital devices anytime and anywhere. Generally, lithium cell is used as power storage unit, which is convenient and fast to use.
  Small size, easy to carry, can carry along with the sound, when going out, you can charge the phone in the case of no socket; Not only mobile phones, but also a lot of electronic products timely charging, such as mobile phones, handheld computers, digital cameras and so on. And under normal charging conditions, the test results show that portable power
sources are safer than regular chargers.

  This cartoon mobile power supply meets the crowd who like cartoon products. Why do they like it? First of all, anime is very beautiful, compared to reality it seems romantic. People who like animation are not all in escapism. In animation, the healing department gives people comfort, the hot blood urges people to progress, and the beautiful picture or sensational picture is the perfect combination of the wisdom and emotion of the animation maker; Secondly, animation expresses its emotion in another form, which has the role of education and gives people a moment's rest in the impetuous world. Beautiful singing, give a person feel very good, especially some quiet songs can be "healing"; And anime is very "" clean" ", the reality of the yearning but not things, anime generally have. Colloquially, it means pretty, nice, like.

  Double LED lamp, the irradiation power is of course twice as strong as single LED, the brightness is better, in the need of bright environment, can provide better lighting effect.
  You can pay attention to this cartoon mobile power supply with double LED lights. The battery capacity is 5000MAH, which is enough for outdoor play. The input and output voltage are stable 5V, the input interface is Type-C and Micro, and the output interface is double USB.