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Built-in cable portable small cartoon portable power supply with double LED lights EG0262

09times   2022-10-18

    Portable power supply belongs to a classification of mobile power supply, refers to the small volume, convenient to carry mobile power supply. We the portable small cartoon mobile power supply, built-in cable, with double LED Lamp, a multi-purpose, small volume, long life, safe and reliable characteristics and can be anywhere at any time for mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, PDA, handheld computers, handheld game consoles and other digital products supply or standby power function products.

    Simple and compact appearance, product size of 10.5 * 6.3 * 3.5cm, and do not break the characteristics. And the portable rope is more convenient to travel, do not worry about the lack of power to go out, the battery capacity is 10000 mah. Even if you go out and come back at night, the double LED of this mobile power supply battery will also provide convenience and make you more bright at night.

    Current people's view on mobile power. Some think mobile power is good, some think it is necessary? Take your phone's cable with you when you go out and charge it at night, okay? It makes sense, of course, you have to remember to charge it every day, otherwise there will be trouble when there is no power. In my opinion, the function of power bank is infinite. When you go out, are there so many plugboards and plugs waiting for you to use? Of course, there will be no, this time you want to think about the advantage of the power bank is not added a few points. After the battery bank is fully charged, you will not worry about running out of power or whether the hotel will be able to charge it when you go out, anyway. Also, if you travel outside, if the travel time suddenly needs to be added for a few days, this is not afraid of ah, because of the charge bank, what is also afraid of, at most night back to rest when the hotel charge once is enough, so you can play again is not afraid.