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Mini Bluetooth bar speaker with mobile phone stand for car!!

13times   2022-09-13

With the improvement of people's material life, playing tablet computers, mobile phones and so on has become an indispensable thing in life, because tablet computers, mobile phones are very convenient to carry, but the only drawback is that there is no fixed fulcrum, which is also one of the reasons why many people suffer from cervical spondylosis. Therefore, the function of multi-functional mobile phone holder is played to the extreme, which is to play a supporting role, so that it is not good for the body parts to hold the mobile phone for a long time

To say that there are a variety of mobile phone brackets on the market, but they are very few that you like. It is important to choose a helpful and useful mobile phone bracket for yourself. First of all, choose a practical mobile phone holder with no blocking line of sight and stable without shaking! Can bring convenience and safety double insurance.

And our mini bar speaker with mobile phone bracket, from the end view is a drum and the Great Wall of the battlements, and the characteristics of the combination of guitar speakers, in the traditional mobile phone bracket made a bold innovation, let the mobile phone bracket and sound integration, no matter where it is placed, neither make public, but not vulgar.

Practical and put on the car can enjoy music and can be used as a mobile phone holder:

1, mobile phone calls more secure and convenient to answer the phone

One of the most common things that happens in driving is a sudden call from a mobile phone, and the car owner subconsciously searches for the phone in the seat. At this time, the sense of direction and safety awareness will be reduced, causing many dangers, so we do not support owners to have such practices, but also advocate safety first.

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If you bring our mini bar speaker with mobile phone stand, and then put it in the air outlet of the car, you can fix it on the air outlet, which will bring convenience and safety. When the mobile phone calls, it can also be in our field of vision, just stretch your hand to answer the phone, reducing a lot of unnecessary trouble; The phone holder, though a small object, plays an important role and provides great convenience.

2, as a navigation to see real-time road conditions

A mini bar speaker with a mobile phone stand features real-time road conditions. While CarPlay is now available, it has been aging for a long time. There are no clear road conditions like mobile navigation. A lot of people aren't going to be able to change cars or change machines for that, but adding a phone stand that allows you to continue using navigation right away is convenient and practical, right? You can navigate your phone and make sure you have enough sound.

Veteran drivers often say that turning on mobile phone navigation is not to find the way, but to listen to the speed, observe traffic jams, and raise awareness of prevention. After all, careless driving on the road can result in photos being taken and points being deducted, which can even lead to safety accidents. Sometimes there will be repairs to the road and other road conditions, so mobile phone navigation and our travel inseparable.

3, fixed phone can make the display more stable

Sometimes you will encounter sections with speed bumps, or the car will shake when you are on the road. Without the phone holder, the phone we normally place next to the seat will slowly wobble and slide under the driver's feet, potentially choking the brake or accelerator, which can be very dangerous. Of course, not only mobile phones but also some unnecessary items can not be placed casually, which may bring dangers to driving.

Therefore, we should make the mobile phone holder to ensure the stable display of the mobile phone, and do not block the sight of the driver, do not recommend that you reply to the message in driving, in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, make driving more convenient, secure and safe.

Overall, this mini bar speaker with a phone stand is also very practical.