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Dual speaker Bluetooth speaker

13times   2023-10-07

Today we would like to introduce you to another classification of Bluetooth audio, double speaker Bluetooth sound, make the perfect combination of sound quality and portability, this kind of Bluetooth speaker in the pronunciation unit mainly has two speakers, two speakers + a diaphragm, two speakers + inverted phase hole, two speakers + two diaphragm and so on. In the function is mainly divided into mini home Bluetooth speaker and outdoor sports Bluetooth speaker.

The first is the mini home type Bluetooth speaker. This type of speaker has a large degree of improvement in the sound quality, basically can meet the use of the vast majority of people, unless you are very professional sound quality requirements. Its sound quality is good, small and portable, is basically the size of the palm, suitable for home display, modeling diverse product design differentiation is a good Bluetooth speaker. However, because it is not specially designed for outdoor sports, the product grip is general, no waterproof and anti-fall function, so the main use is indoor.


The second is the outdoor sports Bluetooth speaker. Outdoor sports type for the Bluetooth speaker market on the upstart. He collected the various kinds of advantages of a few speakers before, sound box grip feeling is good to benefit portable, can satisfy household already, also can satisfy the outdoor use of long time.


Due to the high requirements for the use of professional technology and materials, generally only some big brands of business design and production, the workmanship is more detailed, the material is more exquisite, there are certain technical support. Its sound quality can reach a relatively high level, better than the general Bluetooth speaker, can meet the vast majority of users. Due to the need to meet some outdoor extreme environment, this type of product is specially designed in the material, generally with a strong three-proof function, its battery life is long-lasting, generally between 10-20 hours. The price ranges from 400 yuan to 1,500 yuan. This combination of portable and sound quality speaker is practical and applicability is very good, will become the mainstream of the future Bluetooth speaker market.