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Bluetooth Tws hook single earphone with charging case.

13times   2022-09-20

Earhook is a type of earphone and earbud according to the way of wearing. To put it simply: the earphone two units between the connection and wear a fixed role of the beam to cancel, with a beautiful hook to hang on the ear design on the plug is designed on the plug body hook to hang on the ear. Ear HANG WONDERFUL in this "hang" word, without this "hang" can not be called ear hang.

The way the ears are attached ensures the reliability of the wearer (one theory is that the ears are designed for listening to music while exercising) and I think it's worth mentioning more about reliability; On the design of the earbuds are doing unit, to meet the needs of the sound quality (theoretically do unit will provide a greater range of frequency response increased frequency and acoustic field) and do big unit is often consumers in the use of wear not firm, ears hanging design can make the plug large caliber unit can fit securely in the user's ear hole, This is especially true of our latest Bluetooth Tws hook single headset with a charging case.

The way the earbuds are designed shows the design power of the headphone manufacturer. The e design ability mentioned here can be divided into two aspects to talk about: 1 is the appearance design, ear hanging excellent shape design often attracts teenagers this group of people. 2 is to ensure the reliability of the wear of the ergonomic design.

Let's talk about the sound advantages of ear-hanging. In my opinion, the way the earphone is worn brings a wider sound field than headphones of the same level, because the earphone has to be tightly clasp on the user's ear, which will inevitably cause the sound field to be reduced. And you might say, well, earplug is the same thing as earplug? In fact, in order to make the earplug type ear hanger fit the user's ear hole, the designer made the cavity of the plug deeper. As a result, the earplug type ear hanger has certain advantages over the simple earplug in the sound field. Therefore, I say that the sound of ear hanging has the advantage of headphones and earplugs in addition to the sound, but also has the advantage of headphones and earplugs in the sound field.

Therefore, our Bluetooth Tws hook single earphone with charging case can not only provide enough aesthetic feeling, but also close to the comfortable ergonomic design. It has 4-5 hours of playing time and 1-2 hours of charging time to provide enough time for outdoor activities. It is a good choice.