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Types and functions of lights

15times   2021-11-10

1. Ordinary incandescent lamps are commonly used incandescent bulbs. Features: good color rendering (Ra=100), bright when the lamp is turned on, continuous dimming, simple structure, low price, but short life and low light efficiency. Uses: bedroom, living room, lobby, guest room, shop, restaurant, walkway, meeting room, courtyard. Usage: table lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, bedside lamp, corridor lamp.

2. Tungsten halogen lamp Gas filled incandescent lamp with some halogen elements or halides in the filling gas. It has all the characteristics of ordinary lighting incandescent lamps, the light efficiency and life span are more than double that of ordinary lighting incandescent lamps, and the volume is small. Uses: conference rooms, exhibition halls, living rooms, commercial lighting, film and television stages, instrumentation, automobiles, airplanes and other special lighting.

Tungsten halogen lamps are divided into main high-voltage tungsten halogen lamps (which can be directly connected to 220V-240V power supply) and low-voltage tungsten halogen lamps (corresponding transformers are required). Low-voltage tungsten halogen lamps have a relatively longer life and safety performance. Etc.

The secret of choosing a tungsten halogen lamp: the color temperature, life span, safety of the lamp and whether it cuts off ultraviolet rays.

3. Fluorescent lamps Fluorescent lamps are commonly known as fluorescent lamps. Features: high luminous efficiency, long life, and good light color. Fluorescent lamps include straight tube type, ring type, compact type, etc., which are energy-saving lighting sources with a wide range of applications.

4. Low-pressure sodium lamp Features: extremely high luminous efficiency, long life, high luminous flux maintenance rate, strong fog permeability, but poor color rendering. Uses: lighting for tunnels, ports, docks, mines, etc.