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The origin of Christmas?

10times   2021-12-14

Christmas is also called Christmas, the birthday of Jesus, and it is a traditional holiday popular in Western countries. This holiday was born from the Saturnia Festival, which was used by the ancient Romans to celebrate the New Year, and was later used in Christian Rome. After the empire became more and more popular, this folk festival was naturally integrated into the Christian system and was used to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Later generations set December 25th each year as Christmas.
How do people in Western countries celebrate Christmas?
The way people in Western countries celebrate Christmas:
1. On the occasion of the holiday, decorate homes, streets, churches and other places, or people themselves, with various items that are full of Christmas atmosphere.
2. People will make some Christmas cards printed with the story of the birth of Jesus and greetings to celebrate Christmas, and send the joy of holiday blessings to those wanderers who are far away in foreign land, relatives and friends.
3. On Christmas evening, the family will get together to share festive meals such as delicious roast turkey and roast cowboy meat, supplemented by precious wine.
4. Christmas party is always an indispensable item. There are many interesting forms of Christmas party, such as family style, friend style, and so on.

5. People will sing many famous "Christmas Carols" as a holiday blessing to friends around them. For example, the famous "Silent Eve", "Messiah" and other familiar songs are among the singing.
6. On Christmas Eve, the church or believers will organize a choir to sing Christmas carols to every household to "report good news."
7. There will be a cute "Santa Claus" quietly driving the elk to give gifts to the children. Don't forget to hang your socks on the bedside at this time.