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The origin of Christmas Eve

10times   2021-12-24

On the night of Jesus' birth, the shepherd who was guarding the sheep in the wilderness suddenly heard a voice from the sky telling them the news of Jesus' birth. According to the "Bible", Jesus came to the world to save the world and to be the Savior of all mankind. Therefore, angels spread the news to more people through these shepherds.


Later, people imitated angels and went outside to preach the news of Jesus' birth on Christmas Eve. To this day, it has evolved into the activity of reporting good news.

On the evening of December 23, 1818, in the village of Oban on the Sallich River in Austria, a mouse daredly sneaked into the old organ building of the church of St. Nicholas in the village. This hungry and cold little thing ran around for honey, went outside to bite, and finally did a "far-reaching event", which led to the birth of a popular Christmas hymn. The next morning, a middle-aged man in a black dress and coat walked into the church and went straight to sit down beside the organ. The man's name was Franz Gruber, who was thirty-one years old, had black hair, a high nose and a pair of emotional eyes. Although he is unknown, he is highly respected by the villagers in this remote area. Because he is an elementary school teacher in the village and an organ player in the Church of St. Nicholas. He sat down, stepped on the pedal, and pressed the key. But the organ only gave out a few faint breaths like a whimper.

As folk music, this song was spread from Austria to Germany. It crossed national borders and spread across the oceans as German immigrants travelled across the ocean. But until recently, Moore and Gruber were recognized as the creators of this song. They got nothing at the time, and they were as poor when they died as they were when they were alive. However, Gruber’s ancient guitar is still singing for him today. It has become a family heirloom and has been passed down by the Gruber family from generation to generation. Now, every Christmas Eve, people will bring this guitar to Auburn Village. And believers from all over the world sang this favorite Christmas hymn again.