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The invention of power bank

10times   2021-11-26

Power banks, also called mobile power supplies, first appeared at the CES exhibition in 2001.

In 2001, in a booth-like exhibition space in the CES Sand Pavilion, an international student put together a few AA batteries with a control circuit. This is the embryonic form of a mobile power supply. At that time, this inconspicuous thing attracted the attention of many exhibitors because it could charge digital products anywhere.

After being discovered by the spies, many people followed suit, and there is a strong tendency to speculate on this new product-mobile power. The concept of mobile power was developed with the popularity and rapid growth of digital products in 2012, and its definition is a convenient and easy-to-carry large-capacity portable power supply.

Since 2012, the functions of digital products have become more diversified and they are used more frequently. The issue of how to increase the use time of digital products and maximize their functions has become more important. Mobile power is the best solution to solve this problem. With a mobile power supply, you can provide power (power supply or charging) for a variety of digital products anytime and anywhere in the mobile state.