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The development prospects of mini speakers

15times   2021-09-14

Mini speakers have two meanings. One is a speaker that uses a digital power amplifier, which uses digital signals, and the other is a speaker that is mainly equipped with digital communication products such as MP3/CD/MP3 mobile phones/PDA/laptops. Undoubtedly, mini speakers have certain development prospects in the electronic consumer market today, but they must be built on a beautiful appearance and new ideas. With the development of science and technology and the change of consumer concepts, many electronic products are now being developed in small sizes. The development of miniaturization of computers has led to the emergence of notebook computers, the development of miniaturization of walkmans has led to the emergence of mp3, and the development of miniaturization of telephones has led to the emergence of mobile phones. From the perspective of people's application environment, people are still more willing to accept miniaturized and lighter products. You can't always put this old-fashioned large speaker next to your laptop.
Traditional speaker products have become less and less concerned, and small, stylish, beautiful, and powerful speaker products have become the focus of attention of young people. The speaker products also present a trend of miniaturization, individualization, mobility and portability. Miniature speaker products show great market potential and prospects.
In addition, mini speakers do not have to have high technical content. The main application objects are mp3 and notebook computers, especially for mp3. If you think about it, if a one or two hundred mp3 is equipped with a market price of several hundred speakers, it seems unnecessary. Therefore, the most important thing in the design of a mini speaker should be its portability. It is small and light and is the guarantee of sound quality. China's speaker industry already has a considerable scale and has a certain degree of competitiveness in the international market.
There are many brands of mini-loud speakers on the market with different positioning, which fully meets the needs of consumers at all levels.
However, according to the latest survey in 2008, the development of the speaker market is not very optimistic. In 2008, the market price is in a downward trend. The novel, compact, lightweight and flexible mini speakers are very popular among young people and are very popular. Although the domestic speaker market is not very good, mini speakers are indeed an exception, and the market development prospects should not be underestimated. Based on this, the focus of the design of the speaker is still on the beautiful appearance and its attractive performance. The basic performance of the mini speaker is anti-interference, good sound quality, but the small size can achieve relatively larger power. The new type of mini speaker must have other additional functions, such as , You can attach a pen holder, a vase, a portable hand strap, and some beautiful small ornaments to the speaker. These are all achievable, not only easy to achieve, but also inexpensive.