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The development history of the fan

10times   2021-12-07

Mechanical fans originated in 1830. An American named James Byron was inspired by the structure of clocks and invented a mechanical fan that can be fixed on the ceiling and driven by a clockwork. The slow breeze brought by the rotating blades of this fan makes people feel cool, but it is troublesome to climb up a ladder to wind up the clockwork.


In 1872, a Frenchman named Joseph developed a mechanical fan started by a clockwork turbine and driven by a gear chain device. This fan was much more refined and easier to use than the mechanical fan invented by Byron.
In 1880, the American Shule installed the blades directly on the electric motor for the first time, and then connected the power supply. The blades rotated rapidly, and the cool breeze blew in. This was the world's first electric fan.