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The choice between portability and sound quality

16times   2021-07-05

Dancing animal speaker: focus on portability and outdoor usability, low price and many choices

After understanding the difference between Bluetooth and WIFI speakers, the choice is much easier. Basically, there are many choices of dancing animal speaker, including famous brands such as Bose, JBL, Braven, etc., with mini styles or active styles that focus on sound quality. If you focus on outdoor usability such as portability and waterproofing, dancing animal speakers are the only choice . If you want better sound quality at home, then large, expensive dancing animal speakers are also an option.

dancing animal speaker

WIFI dancing animal speakers: interconnectivity, better sound quality, high price

As for WIFI dancing animal speakers, they are obviously more suitable for home use. Not only can they be bridged to form interconnected playback, they also often have higher-end models, such as NSP-229A. They are gorgeous and have outstanding sound quality and are the first choice for high-end users.

The best of both worlds: WIFI/Bluetooth combo dancing animal speaker

Finally, you don't necessarily have to choose the camp, because many speaker manufacturers have begun to introduce dancing animal speakers that integrate WIFI and Bluetooth connections, which can not only meet the needs of connected playback at home, but also can be used outdoors, suitable for users who pursue a comprehensive experience.

dancing animal speaker