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The benefits of electric lights

14times   2021-11-15

1. Fix the light source.

Provide an electrical connection with the light source to allow current to flow safely through the light source. For gas discharge lamps, lamps usually provide places to install ballasts, power factor compensation capacitors and electronic triggers.

2. Provide protection

Provide mechanical protection for the light source and the control device of the light source, support all the assembly parts, and connect with the building structure. Control the light distribution of the light emitted by the light source to achieve the required light distribution and prevent direct glare.

3. The role of advertising

At night, various advertising brands on the street emit colorful lights to attract passing pedestrians, such as the revolving lights of the barbershop and the billboards in the subway.

3. Warning function

Ensure lighting safety in special places, such as explosion-proof, waterproof and dustproof.

4. Lighting function

This is also the main function of the lighting fixture, and it is also the original intention when it was invented. No matter in life or industrial operation, it is inseparable from the use of lighting fixtures.

5. Decorative effect

With the development of science and technology, lamps are not only limited to lighting, but also have decorative functions, such as European-style chandeliers, solid wood ceiling lamps, floor lamps, etc., which can all play a good decorative role.