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music Festival

11times   2021-12-10

A music festival refers to the use of unified content in a specific place, such as folk music, modern music, or the promotion of an outstanding composer’s work, to hold continuous performances, usually lasting several days or weeks, one or several An artistic celebration party.


The necessary conditions for a music festival are temporary existence, multiple artists taking turns performing, and a large number of people. Generally, many bands will gather together under the call of a certain theme and bring a series of performances to fans in a few days. It is held in the open air, because it can accept as many fans as possible without being restricted by the venue, which is a veritable festival for fans.

The music festival began in England in the 18th century, and was first held in 1784 for Handel in Westminster Abbey. The world-famous music festivals include Salzburg Music Festival, Bayreuth Music Festival, Edinburgh Music Festival, Beijing International Music Festival and so on.

Most music festivals are usually held at the same place every once in a while, and there are various types. Some music festivals are mainly held to commemorate a certain musician, such as the Bach Festival and the Beethoven Festival; some music festivals are dedicated to Contemporary music works are held, such as the Donaueschingen Festival; some festivals include a variety of art projects, such as the Salzburg Festival.