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Mini Fan

12times   2021-09-24

Small fan
Although electric fans have always occupied an important market position in home appliances, compared with the current development speed of high-end home appliances, the booming electric fan industry is no longer what it used to be in the context of the aggressive advancement of air-conditioning products. However, it is found from the survey data that there is still a huge market demand for convenient, flexible, and power-saving electric fan products. At present, there are various varieties of ceiling fans, table fans, floor fans, fortune fans, wall fans, and derivative products such as breeze ceiling fans and air-conditioning fans on the market.
Each fan has different specifications. Consumers should decide which fan to buy according to the environment and purpose. The general choices mainly focus on the two types of desktop and floor-standing fans. Generally, they are divided into two types: standard popular type and electronic luxury type. The former is characterized by simple structure, convenient operation and low price, and generally only has two functions of speed adjustment and wind direction change; the latter is characterized by complex and changeable functions and luxurious and exquisite shapes. Consumers can decide whether to take practicality as the premise or practicality, decoration and luxury for the purpose.
 the role of small fans
1. Practicality: There is a big functional difference between the fan and the air conditioner, because the air conditioner is mainly for "cooling", while the fan is for "natural heatstroke prevention" and "ventilation". Therefore, electric fans have a fixed user group by using their own effects that are different from air conditioners.
2. Versatility: There are two strong and weak gears and switch gears, and the intensity can be adjusted; whether it is in appearance or function, it is more personalized. The tower air fan is noble and elegant, the cartoon table fan is cute and cute, and the computer control is natural. Wind, sleep wind, etc.
3. Decorative: Today's fans have changed the traditional image in people's impression. Small fans are diverse in shape, beautiful and practical, vivid in shape, and lovely in image; fans in handicraft styles are becoming more and more popular among the public.
Third, the scope of use
It can meet the needs of different fields of public places and home indoor hair dryers, such as commercial and residential buildings, hotels, commercial buildings, government buildings, public places, schools, etc. It is widely used by office crowds and students.
the classification of small fans
1. Classified by characteristics
When going out in summer, many MMs will bring umbrellas with them. However, the ubiquitous heat cannot be blocked, and an umbrella with a fan can just drive away part of the heat for you. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that a small fan is installed beside the top rib, which can send you even cool breeze. The switch will be located at the handle of the umbrella, so you can open it when you feel hot. The small fan uses 3 AA batteries to provide energy, which is convenient to use.
Solar fan

Today, when environmentalism is prevalent, the small creative fan can't do without the design concept of environmental protection. Such as a solar fan cap is to install a small fan on the cap, receiving the hot sunlight into the fan's energy. When you walk in the sun, the solar panels absorb energy and drive a small fan mounted on the visor to keep your face cool and dry in the hot summer. The stronger the sun, the faster it rotates and the better the cooling effect. The small and exquisite wind leaves are even more cute and interesting when they turn.
The "selling cute" fan has a pretty naive look. It is a good choice whether it is for children or as a decoration on a desk or computer desk. The fan blade material is very soft, even if you accidentally hit your hand, it will never damage your skin. In addition, in addition to being able to get electricity through the USB port of the computer, this fan can also be used with a battery, which is convenient for you to place it in any position.
Table lamp double fan
On a quiet summer night, facing the computer is unavoidably sultry. At this time, if there could be such a mini table lamp lighted up next to the two-in-one table, and a cool breeze blowing in it, then how comfortable it would be! With USB power supply, it is most suitable for notebook users. Just plug the USB cable of the desk lamp into the USB port of the notebook, you can enjoy the bright and soft LED light and the cool breeze at the same time.
2. According to the classification of power supply: it can be divided into three types: AC, DC and AC and DC. --Generally, most of the electric fans used in vehicles and ships are AC and DC dual-purpose electric fans. The most versatile and most numerous are single-phase AC electric fans.
3. Classification according to complexity: can be divided into simple type, popular type and high-end type. Among them, the simple electric fan does not have a speed regulation mechanism, and the popular type has a speed regulation mechanism.
4. According to the type of air supply: it can be divided into ordinary fans such as warm air, cold air, warm air and fragrant air.
Fan market
Analyze for appearance

Lightweight and beautiful will be the main direction for the development of electric fan products in the next few years. In today's era when consumers are pursuing individual fashion and refinement, according to the survey, 81% of consumers interviewed have a unique preference for beautiful electric fan products. Bell; About half of consumers prefer lightweight electric fans. In recent years, electric fan manufacturers have also begun to consider catering to consumers’ changing consumer tastes.
Bright color, small size turning page fan, various portable fan applications.

In this survey, we saw many types of fans, including vertical fans, desktop fans, etc.
Research shows that the popularity of fans is largely due to Baidu's educational package of innovative product appearance and functions. The appearance and color of many products are very suitable, which makes people feel very comfortable, and also understand the market

The advantages and disadvantages of the upper fan. There are many factors that people consider when buying a fan, such as appearance, price,

Service, health, environmental protection, energy saving, service life, etc.