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How to choose the speaker equipment for the night scene?

15times   2021-09-16

At present, the scale of investment in entertainment venues of different scales, grades, and functions varies greatly. Everyone knows that the soul of entertainment venues is bluetooth speaker with lights equipment. The key to the design of entertainment nightclub bluetooth speaker with lights equipment is not how much money you spend, nor how much money you save, but that we use investment funds reasonably, allocate funds reasonably, take into account functions, effects, and equipment grades, and use everything well. Investment funds. One-sided pursuit of multiple and complete equipment functions. Or it is wrong to only focus on one aspect of the system's functions and indicators without considering the interaction of the overall system. As a result, a lot of money was invested and a lot of equipment was purchased, but the actual effect was not satisfactory.

Before proceeding with the design of entertainment nightclub bluetooth speaker with lights, we must first clarify the issues:

1. Use function of entertainment night club

From the structure of the room, we divide the entertainment night scene into: the hall and the box, from the function, we divide the hall into: the performance hall and the DISCO. The boxes are divided into: mass sales KTV and business karaoke.

2. Equipment functions of entertainment night clubs

The same is the entertainment night club, and their investment can be very different. This difference mainly comes from the type, quantity and function of the equipment used.

3. Differences in sound construction conditions


At present, the sound quality design of entertainment venues is mostly carried out in the existing building conditions. The shape and size of the room are fixed. There are really too few changes and adjustments that we can make, but it does not mean that we do not have much meaning in building sound design. , For rooms with serious acoustic defects, we must use architectural acoustics to adjust, mainly have the following aspects:

1. If there is a large area of concave surface in the room, which causes uneven sound field, try to use the partition and fill level method to eliminate it.

2. If the room reverberation time is too long, pay attention to taking corresponding sound absorption measures.

3. If there is obvious noise in the room, it must be properly managed to reduce the noise to a tolerable level.

4. Consider the harm that strong music brings to others, and the corresponding sound insulation measures should also be considered. 

Using architectural acoustics to change the listening environment, due to limitations in aesthetics and decoration, we recommend that you consider flexible, easy-to-use, and low-cost point sound control methods. According to different conditions for sound construction, we have to clarify the following issues:

(1) Is there an equalizer necessary to improve the transmission characteristics of the room.

(2) What kind of sound reinforcement system is adopted.

(3)It is necessary to use auxiliary (fill) sound. In short, the sound condition of the room is an important basis for our design of the sound system. Any design that is separated from the room and does not understand the shape, size, proportional structure and spatial layout of the room is empty talk.

4. Investment in bluetooth speaker with lights equipment

How to achieve the largest comprehensive effect with the least investment is our design goal. Even the best plan, if there is no corresponding capital investment, it can only be on paper. When designing, we often face the problem of insufficient funds. At this time, we have to repeatedly weigh and use some cost-effective equipment to effectively control costs. In the initial stage of sound system design, it is often necessary to repeatedly discuss and discuss with investors and building decorators to determine the function, equipment level and investment scale of the equipment. In order to cooperate with each other, close cooperation, complete and firm all aspects of functional use requirements, and obtain the best comprehensive effect with the least investment.