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How to choose an indoor outdoor bluetooth speaker?

15times   2022-03-07

With the increasing popularity of wireless life, more and more life electronic products are gradually getting rid of the shackles of wires. As a very important product in life, top portable speakers have also started the process of wireless. In the rapid development of bluetooth speakers in recent years, a major category has gradually formed, that is, outdoor bluetooth speakers. His appearance has freed us from boring outdoor activities, listening to wonderful music and afraid of the boredom of the journey! So how to choose an indoor outdoor bluetooth speaker?

1. It is very important to be waterproof and dustproof. It will inevitably rain if you play outdoors, and you will fall and bump. The waterproof level depends on their standard IPX level 1-10. NSP-0262 waterproof portable speaker dustproof and waterproof rating IPX6.

2. Battery life is the key. You won't have only three or five hours on an outdoor trip, so don't just walk a few steps and run out of power, then it's a bit of a chore! In the future, when I go out, I will always think about saving some electricity for fear of running out of electricity. Without music, there is no power outdoors, so this is the key. The larger the battery capacity, the better.

3. The materials of most portable wireless bluetooth outdoor speakers are silicone, rubber, plastic, and metal. Plastic materials are not only fragile, but also easy to get dirty, and some even do not meet the safety index, which is also harmful to the body. The metal material is relatively stronger, but for outdoor use, it is too heavy and easy to wear, which affects the appearance. Many metal surfaces will be painted. After a period of time, not only will the color fade, but the paint containing excessive lead will also affect health, and it is also unsafe for families with babies. Silicone material has a good feel, is easier to clean, and is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. It is a better material for outdoor products. Because of its softness, it is often used as a waterproof and shock-resistant material. Silicone material needs to pay attention to its environmental protection.

4. Portability and versatility, a best portable speakers should best meet the requirements of portability and use in multiple different environments, such as: mountain climbing, seaside camping, bicycle riding, walking, home use, etc. It is perfect.