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Home-style smart speaker

14times   2021-10-20

People who like to listen to music generally must have an electronic product, which is audio. With the development of science and technology, home smart audio has appeared on the market. Home smart audio involves power amplifiers, speakers, sound field environment processing, speaker layout and other aspects, which will affect the sound quality, so today I will explain home smarts. Audio purchase skills.

  Home smart audio

   Home smart audio refers to the audio configured specifically for movie playback. As the name suggests, its style should be close to the theater style in terms of sound effects, so the minimum configuration should be 5.1, decoding Dolby, and DTS to achieve surround sound. Different from home karaoke system and CD music system, home theater audio configuration starting point is high, home karaoke system and CD music system can be realized with 2.0. There are many aspects involved in home theater audio. The layout of power amplifiers, speakers, speakers, and the processing of the sound field environment will all have an impact on the sound quality.

   The music that you are familiar with will leave a deeper impression in your mind, so you can hear the quality of the speakers at once. If the merchant uses its own CD to audition, you must refuse. Because he may use the defects of the CD itself to cover up the defects of the speakers. Ai HIFI recommends that when choosing speakers, consumers must bring the CD they often listen to, so that when they hear the music they are familiar with, they can more clearly and objectively distinguish the quality of a set of speakers.

  A good speaker should have a good overall design, excellent cabinet quality, and a good crossover circuit design. The workmanship must be fine, and the components and materials must be very particular. For example, love HIFI's rotary wood horn. The wood rotary wood is Nordic logs. The entire box is made by hand. Every surface and even every corner of the box has been deeply reinforced. Even the wooden horns are also hand-made. Finely ground.

  Some speakers will have inexplicable sound when they are in use, which is caused by interference. Good speakers will never have this problem, so don't buy speakers with mixed sound.

The individual phoneme characteristics include: resolution, listen carefully to certain details of the music, such as listening to the wood horn, piano notes or cymbal fading after the sound, the details of the subtle parts appear very clear, indicating that the clarity of this speaker is very high ; Anyway, some speakers are quite vague in the details of the subtle parts, so this speaker lacks clarity. The details of the subtle part are one of the important reference data to test the realistic restoration of the speakers. Fans must pay more attention to this aspect when buying speakers.

It can be seen that home smart speakers can play a very important role in home background music. It is indeed very important to buy a high-quality and low-cost home smart speaker. Friends who love music remember the above buying skills. Buying home smart speakers will help a lot.