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Bluetooth headset

12times   2022-01-08

Bluetooth is a low-cost, high-capacity short-range wireless communication specification. A Bluetooth laptop is a laptop with Bluetooth wireless communication function. The name Bluetooth also has a legend. In the 10th century AD, when the Nordic princes fought for hegemony, the King of Denmark stepped forward. With his unremitting efforts, the bloody war was stopped, and all parties sat at the negotiating table. Through communication, the feudal lords released their past suspicions and became friends. Because the king of Denmark loves blueberries so much that his teeth are dyed blue, he is called the king of Bluetooth, so Bluetooth has become synonymous with communication. A thousand years later, when a new wireless communication specification was introduced, people used Bluetooth to name it.
In 1995, Ericsson first proposed the concept of Bluetooth. The Bluetooth specification works in the microwave frequency band, the transmission rate is 1M bytes per second, and the maximum transmission distance is 10 meters, which can reach 100 meters by increasing the transmission power. Bluetooth technology is open globally and has good compatibility on a global scale. The whole world can be connected through a low-cost invisible Bluetooth network.
Bluetooth technology is not only used in computers. Many electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, video cameras, printers, fax machines, home appliances, etc. can use Bluetooth technology to achieve wireless connectivity without dragging a tail (connection line). With the popularization of bluetooth technology, home decoration no longer has to worry about the wiring of electrical appliances; when using home appliances, there is no need to worry about a lot of remote controls, a mobile phone or a car key can do everything; The company's work arrangement and the pictures of relatives at home can be obtained anytime, anywhere; punching cards and paying bills without queuing, passing near the payment point, and can easily complete without entering the door... The wide application of Bluetooth technology will make our life extremely easy.