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This headset is available as an option.

13times   2022-09-16

In the eyes of many professional esports players, a wonderful game not only needs excellent picture quality and smooth operation, but also excellent sound feedback is very important. In addition to improving the sense of presence of the game to bring a more immersive playing experience, it can also make listening judgments through vocal details to improve the performance of the game competition. However, with the rapid development of wireless chip and communication technology in recent years, the performance index of Bluetooth headset can also be compared with that of wired headset, which begins to meet the needs of more and more professional players. In the context of these picky gamer needs, professional esports headset has also been segmented into a specialized category from the product line by many brands. On the basis of the traditional Bluetooth headset, the audio quality, sound effect, delay and battery life are adjusted and optimized.

Our Bluetooth headset is a high performance ESports headset, which is very advanced in appearance alone, with bright colors and a sense of fashion. First of all, there is no limit to how the headset can be connected. It can be connected to desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones. USB ports are also available.

Ergonomic modeling is also very comfortable in wearing. While ensuring the stability of wearing, it is completely tight and naturally fits the outer contour of the ear, reducing the pressure in the sensitive areas of the ear and improving the comfort of wearing for a long time. The actual experience is indeed more comfortable than most earplugs. And it is using binaural rendering technology, through the HRIR (head related impulse response) to adjust the sound and the time difference, can feel more strongly in the game space distance position sense and sound, especially in the game when shooting distance and azimuth are telepresence, in the true sense for players to realize by professional game headphones cable can be realized to claim a skill. If you are extremely picky about sound, why not look at this headset?